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Apostille Services

If the document emanates from a country that is party to the Hague Convention on legalization 1961, an apostille is attached to the document, usually by a government official. The attachment of the apostille is what legalises the document.

That, in turn, depends on the country of origin, and it's connection to the Hague Convention on Legalization. The United States and many European countries are parties to that Convention. India has started issuing Apostille certificates from 29 August 2007. To use an Indian public document (issued in India after 29.08.2007).

Excellency Legalisation Services Pvt. Ltd. (ELSPL) can acquire acquire this Certificate on your behalf for your document and return it direct to your door step delivery or Courier.

Select a Country
Below are the countries participating in the Hague Convention. Any document for use in these countries requires an Apostille. ELSPL will Apostille documents from the Ministry Of External Affairs ( MEA).Please click on the desired country for complete details.

Countries Participating Hague  Convention  

Albania Belgium Ecuador Hungary Macedonia Portugal Sweden
Antigua Belize El Salvador India Malawi Romania Switzerland
Argentina Bosnia Estonia Italy Malta Russia Tonga
Armenia Botswana Fiji Japan Marshal Isl. Slovak Trinidad
Australia Bulgaria Fenland Kazakhstan Mauritius Slovenia Turkey
Austria Colombia France Latvia Mexico Spain Ukraine
Azerbaijan Croatia Germany Lesotho Netherlands South Africa U.K.
Bahamas Cyprus Greece Lithuania Norway Suriname Venezuela
Belarus Czech Honduras Luxembourg Panama Swaziland Yugoslavia

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